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Lets go bowling

Spartans 12 – 0 Razorbacks


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Spartans 0 0 6 6 12 Win
Hogs 0 0 0 0 0 Loss

With past Spartans and Hogs in attendance, the 2017 outfits put on a dull display of turnovers, one series in the first quarter the Spartans fumbled, with the hogs returning the favor two plays later. The first half being somewhat uneventful.

Van Pamelen scored his first of the day early in the 3rd. Brad Vegera intercepted Lawrence twice late in the fourth, allowing Van Pamelen to dive in from ½ yard out. Final score 12-0.

The Spartans are now minor premiers with 2 contests remaining, and have a berth in the Great Southern Bowl. Will the offensive side get back on track after a quiet week, can Volar reach 1000 yards, will they remain undefeated?

The Hogs will need to regroup and devise a scheme to generate points as they fight for a bowl rematch against the Spartans.


SPARTANS: Van Pamelen 2 rushing.


Prelim preview

Chiefs 13 –1 2 Hogs


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Hogs 0 0 0 12 12 Loss
Chiefs 7 6 0 0 13 Win

With the early game tie, the Chiefs needed to win one of their remaining three to secure a spot in the prelim against the hogs, with the win, bring on December 9th!

The Chiefs moved the ball early, but the Hogs defense held strong, limiting an explosive offence (averaging 25 points per game in 2017) to a total of 13 points. The Benjamin score a highlight reel catch after a fantastic battle with Olsson all afternoon.

The Hogs offence struggled mightily the first 3 quarters as Lawrence was awarded the start at QB this week. Lawrence struggled early, with multiple turnovers, but fought hard with multiple strong rushing plays. With Lawrence seeming to settle late, Olive came alive with two deep connections, score now 13-6.

The hogs defense forced the Chiefs to punt, giving the Hogs a late chance. The offense moved down the field, with Olsson contributing mightily, as a rushing score put the Hogs within a 2-point conversion of tying.


The Chiefs celebrated the stop, as the Hogs kicked off, recovering the onside kick!

Again, moving the ball, the Hogs moved quickly into the redzone, setting up for a field goal to win as time was expiring. A high snap meant the kick was never attempted, resulting in a crazy finish and win for the Chiefs.

With the post season schedule decided, both teams will be looking at how to generate more points as they look to advance to The Great Southern Bowl.


CHIEFS: Caputo 2 passing, Meyers 1 receiving, Benjamin 1 receiving.
HOGS: Lawrence 1 passing & 1 rushing, Olive 1 receiving.


Oilers rolling 

Eagles 8 – 8 Oilers


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Eagles 0 0 8 0 8 Tie
Oilers 0 0 8 0 8 Tie

With both teams needing a win to have a chance and advancing to the postseason, we have a tie! Both teams now playing for pride and the 2018 season, or perhaps hoping to be a late season spoiler…

The Oilers had chances early, turning over the ball inside the 5-yard line, and having a first quarter TD called back via penalty, something that would haunt them late in the game.

The game turned into a defensive battle, with both teams committing multiple turnovers, the Eagles throwing interceptions on consecutive drives, the Oilers just unable to capitalize on good field position.

After the Oilers took the lead via a rushing TD, Burford injected some life into the Eagles squad, connecting with Wyten to tie the game.

As both teams look toward 2018, the Oilers will look to build on an impressive two weeks while the Eagles need to settle on who will be their trigger man next season.


EAGLES: Burford 1 passing, Wyten 1 receiving.
OILERS: Smith 1 rushing.


Give the man a hand!

Spartans 32 – 7 UniSA


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Eagles 0 7 0 0 7 Loss
Spartans 7 7 0 18 32 Win

The Spartans run game continues to roll, with MVP contending Volar leading the way. The retirement of Lewis Wyten can’t be understated, as his accuracy and mobility was invaluable each week.

Struggling to generate offense and falling behind early allowed the Spartans to do what they do best, run the ball and wear you down physically… before running you over.

Volar (former Eagle) continues to be the engine that powers this team, leading the league in rushing and TD’s. Can Volar (or the Spartans) be slowed down as the run toward The Great Southern Bowl?


SPARTANS: Van Pamelen 1 rushing, Volar 4 rushing.
EAGLES: Draper 1 TD.


Oilers slick!

Oilers 14 – 10 Hogs


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Hogs 0 8 2 0 10 Loss
Oilers 0 6 6 2 14 Win

The Oilers battled hard and recorded not only their first win of the season, but their first win over Adelaide University in many years.

A turnover filled battle (Adelaide with 5) with a failed extra point returned the distance for 2 points, a safety and a pick 6! The game was back and forth early, the Oilers prevailing in a goal line stand. Hogs up 2 at the major.

Early in the 3rd, the pick 6 had the Oilers up and about, a confidence that grew as the game wore on. The Hogs threatened late, although an OPI penalty in the endzone in the game’s final seconds ended any comeback attempt.

The Oilers with a well-deserved victory.


RAZORBACKS: Builder 1 passing, Simmons 1 receiving, Lague failed conversion return for score.
OILERS: Tedmanson 1 passing, Hays 1 receiving, Shiels safety, Hoy interception TD.


It’s time

Week 1 – 8 statistics leaderboard

Game reviews, articles, we get it, you kind of care… a little. It’s the highlights that keep the clicks coming.

We’re increasing the bandwidth and backing up all content as we prepare for the onslaught, what the Gridiron SA community has been waiting for, gentlemen enjoy.

Leaderboard Week 1-8 2018


Hogs 101

Hogs 51 – 19 Eagles


Team 1 2 3 4 OT TD T Outcome
Hogs 20 19 6 6 51 Win
Eagles 0 7 0 12 19 Loss

With a bye week to prepare eyes were on Builder and his ability to lead the Hogs O against an Eagles team who scored 41 points in a shootout the week prior. Adelaide University defense stepped up, scoring 14 points in the first quarter via a fumble recovery and pick six.

The Eagles Crummey was harassed and hit often, leading to a QB change late in the game. Burford stepping in admirably and throwing 2 TD’s late.

Given the importance of points for and against, and the opportunity to give Builder and the O more repetitions, Adelaide University continued to score throughout the match. Running away with the game.


RAZORBACKS: Builder 2 passing, Buckskin 2 rushing, Thrasher 2 rushing, Valles INT for TD & 1 receiving, Woodforde fumble recovery for TD, Morton 1 receiving.
EAGLES: Crummey 1 passing, Burford 1 receiving & 2 passing, Draper 2 receiving.


Turn it over

Spartans 26 –6 Chiefs


Team 1 2 3 4 OT TD T Outcome
Spartans 7 19 2 0 28 Win
Chiefs 6 0 0 0 6 Loss

The Chiefs took advantage of a sloppy Spartan opening quarter (3 turnovers) and took an early lead, before Ottens scored via the ground giving the Spartans a lead they would never relinquish.

A turnover filled game (each team with 5) will potentially haunt the Chiefs, as they failed to take advantage of scoring opportunities, Caputo with 3 INT’s on the day. League leading rusher Volar continued his brilliant season with another TD.

With injuries mounting for opposition teams and a punishing rushing attack, is this the year of the Spartan?



SPARTANS: Van Pamelen 1 passing & 1 rushing, Morrison 1 receiving, Ottens 1 rushing, Vollar 1 rushing, Jachmann-Evans safety.
CHIEFS: Caputo 1 passing, Thorpe 1 receiving.


Passing trend

Spartans 26 – 2 Eagles


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Spartans 7 7 12 0 26 Win
Eagles 0 0 0 2 2 Loss

Rushing the ball is certainly no trend for the Spartans, even after importing a new QB, their commitment to the run is astounding, but when finals come, will it be their undoing?

Boasting the league’s most productive rushing attack (Vollar and Musallum) the Spartans are literally running over opponents this season, continually wearing down opposing defenses. This is a team build to score early and protect that lead with a strong defense and clock killing run game, the problem is the passing attack. While the Spartan run game is exceptional, the pass game is currently tied for league worst, if required can the Spartans mount a comeback?

Unfortunately for the Eagles (and Gridiron SA) 2 more quarterbacks were lost to injury in round five, without a starter at the helm and facing an outstanding defense, the Eagles were outmatched and ran over.


SPARTANS: Musallum 2 rushing, Vollar 2 rushing
EAGLES: Safety


Adelaide loses with the win

Hogs 18 – 0 Oilers


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Oilers 0 0 0 0 0 Loss
Hogs 12 0 0 6 18 Win

Adelaide University entered week 5 unbeaten, with the Oilers looking for their first win of 2017. While Adelaide won the match, it will be a defining game regarding the 2017 season outcome.

The Hogs started strong, with rookie Thresher scoring on debut, as Adelaide looks to develop the back rotation as the season progresses. This was quickly followed by a Welbourn to Olive TD, Olive scoring his first TD of 2017 after his rookie season was cut short by injury (Tied for second in TD’s playing in only 5 games 2016). Strong signs for the Hogs, with Dawson and Pedler still set to return from injury, both starters last season.

The match tightened in the second and third, as both defenses tightened, the oilers moving the ball well via the deep pass but undone by turnovers, Tedmanson with 3 INT’s on the day. Steady growth shown in the deep pass from the Oilers, but will require more consistency from Tedmanson in tight games to secure the wins.

The fourth was costly for Adelaide and Welbourn was injured via the blitz (offside, defensive penalty). Post-game scans revealed season ending surgery, how will Adelaide fill the position? Welbourn hasn’t missed a start in 6+ seasons and started the 2017 campaign with 10TD’s and zero turnovers. Lawrence filled in admirably, connecting with Valles for the game sealing TD, but will be called upon to continually produce throughout the remainder of the season.

With arguably the league’s best weapons at their disposal, are Adelaide coaches up to the task, can they develop an effective attack? We’ll find out the weekend as the Hogs face the Spartans.


RAZORBACKS: Welbourn 1 passing, Lawrence 1 passing, Olive 1 receiving, Thrasher 1 rushing, Valles 1 receiving.