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Eagles 38 – 28 Hogs


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Eagles 7 7 13 11 38 Win
Hogs 7 13 0 8 28 Loss

Resting several key starters on both sides of the ball, how would the Hogs respond to an energized UniSA squad more than likely playing their last game of the season?

UniSA opening strong scoring on their first possession, building a 14-7 lead midway through the second. Both Wyten and Welbourn threw early and often, trading touchdown passes, with a Knight TD giving the Hogs a 20-14 lead at the major break.

The Eagles stormed home off the back of special teams’ miscues (giving them excellent field position), scoring 24 unanswered points. While the hogs continued to move the ball, the second half belonged to the Eagles, their finals hope now resting in the hands of South City and the Oilers.


EAGLES: Wyten 2 passing, 1 rushing. Naulty 2 rushing. Draper 2 receiving.
HOGS: Welbourn 2 passing. Yun 1 rushing. Dawson 1 receiving. Knight 1 receiving. Kulumbu 1 rushing.



Back to the dance

Spartans 29 – Chiefs 20


Team 1 2 3 T Outcome
Chiefs 0 6 8 20 Loss
Spartans 7 8 0 29 Win

The big question heading into this week 12 clash, would the Chiefs be able to respond (physically) after being forced to forfeit a week earlier?

With the Spartans looking to secure a second consecutive finals berth we saw a physical run first attack versus an athletic aerial attack, and whist Caputo threw three scores, the physical nature of the grinding Spartans attack wore down and undermanned South City squad.

The win moves the Spartans above .500 and into the finals, with the Chiefs now being forced into a ‘win and in’ situation next week. We imagine the Eagles will be wearing Oilers blue all week.


SPARTANS: Van Pamelen 1 passing, 1 rushing. Volar 1 receiving. Nassaris 2 rushing.
CHIEFS: Caputo 3 passing. Bartlett 1 receiving. Meyers 2 receiving.



2016 Weeks 7 – 11 Statistics and leaderboard

We’re getting to the business end of the season, who’s a contender and who’s a pretender. Remember the stats don’t lie!

Can the Oilers change the fortunes of the Chiefs and Eagles? See you Saturday at Norwood from 13:00 to find out.

2016 Week 11 stats and leaderboard


Purple reign

Eagles 46 – 28 Oilers 


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Eagles 0 14 19 13 46 Win
Oilers 0 6 14 8 28 Loss

The Eagles not only need to win, but it’s a possibility they need to accumulate points to ensure they win the possible looming tie breaker with the Spartans. Their Offence answered the call, but will the 28 points against come back to haunt them?

The Oilers opened strong behind the steadily improving Tedmanson, but failed to capitalise on early redzone entries, giving UniSA a slight advantage heading into the half.

The Wyten led Eagles scored often and early in the third, before a spirited comeback effort from the Oilers. Tedmanson accounted for 4 scores, but the Eagles huge third quarter proved too difficult for the Oilers to overcome.


EAGLES: Wyten 2 passing,1 rushing. Crummey 1 passing. Naulty 3 rushing. Draper 1 receiving. McEntee 1 receiving. Gavros 1 receiving.
OILERS: Tedmanson 3 passing, 1 rushing. Smith 1 receiving. Caire 1 receiving. Eves 1 receiving.



Adelaide Univeristy Bowl bound

Hogs 27 – 18 Chiefs 


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Chiefs 6 6 6 0 18 Loss
Hogs 7 7 13 0 27 Win

After two underwhelming performances from their past three, Adelaide University had a point to prove. South City opened the scoring and the Hogs responded swiftly with a quick scoring drive to take a one point advantage. South City responded taking a 12-7 lead, both scoring drives coming off the back of an explosive (40+) passing play.

The Hogs replied with a 10+ play statement drive, not attempting a single pass whilst driving the length to take a lead they would never relinquish. The physical Adelaide University run game combined with key drive extending receptions ensured the Hogs won the time of possession, wearing the Chiefs thin.

The Chiefs scored late in the third, but Adelaide University replied immediately with a 94-yard kick return from Berrington, sealed with a Dietrich 6-yard TD.

Injuries eventually taking their toll on the Chiefs, they forfeit at the conclusion of the 3rd, the Hogs now headed to The Great Southern Bowl for a third straight season.


HOGS: Buckskin 2 rushing.Yun 1 rushing. Dietrich 1 rushing.
CHIEFS: Caputo 1 passing. Colquhoun 2 rushing. Sundberg 1 receiving.


Black to black

Spartans 44 – 0 Oilers


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Spartans 6 20 12 6 44 Win
Oilers 0 0 0 0 0 Loss

After dropping their opening 3, the Spartans have come to life at the business end of the season behind a dominant running game. All 7 scores against the Oilers were of the rushing variety.

After a strong showing for club legend George Williams a week earlier, the Oilers looked uninspiring against a hard hitting defence.

The Spartans now face the Chiefs and Hogs in a race to the finish with the Eagles (whom face the Hogs and Oilers). Will their passing game let them down, currently averaging a league worst 48 yards per game.

It’s going to be a tight black and purple race to the finish.


SPARTANS: Nassaris 1 rushing, 1 punt return. Volar 2 rushing. Webb 2 rushing. Ottens 1 rushing.


Chiefs beat them black

Chiefs 40 – 16 UniSA


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Chiefs 0 8 8 24 40 Win
Eagles 0 2 0 14 16 Loss

After a promising start from both offences, the Chiefs found an extra gear, Meyers. Meyers gained 181 yards on three TD catches, although the stat line doesn’t highlight his individual effort on each play, as each reception was in the air no more than 10 yards. His run after the catch effort was sublime.

The rain dropped with the frequency of Chiefs scores against an undermanned and lacklustre Eagles squad. With only 2 games remaining the Eagles need to win out and hope for a Spartan slip to ensure a finals birth after dropping to 4th place.


CHIEFS: Caputo 4 passing. Meyers 3 receiving. Bartlett 1 receiving.
EAGLES: Wyten 1 passing. Safety. Naulty kick return TD



A black and purple final push

Spartans 22 – 13 UniSA


Team 1 2 4 T Outcome
Spartans 6 8 8 22 Win
Eagles 7 0 6 13 Loss

The Eagles looked to rebound after a loss before the bye week and regain second position on the league ladder, the Spartans (and a few former Eagles) had other ideas.

UniSA opened strong behind an 85-yard TD reception from Ollivier, before former Eagle and new Spartans starting QB Van Pamelen hooked up with his new BFF Nassaris for two long TD’s.

Both defenses stepped up in the second half, forcing a scoreless third quarter, before Nassaris added a 73-yard TD run to open a two score lead. The Eagles scored late, but were ultimately unable to close the gap. Both teams now sit at 3-4 tied for 3rd place.


SPARTANS: Van Pamelen 2 passing. Nassaris 2 receiving, 1 rushing.
EAGLES: Wyten 1 passing. Ollivier 1 receiving. Naulty 1 rushing.


72 reasons

Hogs 15 – Oilers 6


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Hogs 0 6 2 7 15 Win
Oilers 0 0 6 0 6 Loss

Being the final game for club legend George Williams, the Oilers had 72 reasons to get up and about Saturday. Undefeated Adelaide University perhaps overlooking the last placed Oilers, opened strong but drops and turnovers prematurely ended repeat redzone possessions.

A strong performance from Pedler (100 yard receiving) kept Adelaide University moving the chains, whilst adjusting to multiple new starters after the season ending injury suffered by league TD leader Olive last week.

The Oilers and Williams continued to bring defensive pressure, forcing 4 turnovers, with Munce returning an INT for a TD in the third to make it a one score contest.

The hog defense held strong for a second week, providing good field position late to ice the game with a Welbourn sneak. A strong effort from the Oilers, sending club legend Williams out in style.


HOGS: Welbourn 1 passing, 1 rushing. Pedler 1 receiving. Safety.
OILERS: Munce INT return for TD.