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HOF Ring 18



The Gridiron SA community enjoyed a fantastic night of celebration as we honoured our 2018 hall of fame inductees and All-Star award winners.

Well over 100 people came together at the Rob Roy Hotel, to celebrate the best of Gridiron SA. Photos from the evening are now on Facebook.

Hall of fame

Doc Sabine

Greg & Kim Garin

Geoff Alderson

Simon Pollitt

Matthew Cataudo

David Turner

Martin Carlton

Paul Welsh

Jacob Moroney

Matthew Santoro

Brad Jackson

Darren Merritt

Brett Gilbert

Damien Wilmott

George Williams


All Stars 2016

QB Josh Welbourn

RB Ian Naulty

RB Aaron Nassaris

FB Damian Volar

WR Zach Bartlett

WR Sam Meyers

WR Hugo Peddler

OL Oakley Abela

OL Hugh Stevens

OL Andrew Stevens

OL Alex Barone

OL Tom Rose


DL John Wilson

DL Damian Volar

DL Alex Barone

DL James Brasser

LB Ryan Ottens

LB Brodie Jachmann-Evans

LB Matt Nunn

LB Josh Francisco

C Henry Olsen

C Simon Forby

S Brad Vegera

S Andrew Proctor


R Aaron Nassaris

P Michael Tedmanson

K Hugo Peddler


COACH: Andrew Stevens



OFFENSIVE MVP: Aaron Nassaris



All Stars 2017

QB Nick Caputo

RB Ian Naulty

FB Damian Volar

WR Andre Benjamin

WR Jaden Valles

WR Alex Thorpe

WR Sebastian Burford

OL Jake Lamming
OL Scott Muldoon

OL Hugh Stevens

OL Andrew Stevens

OL Dan Tarode


DL Jaden Valles

DL Damian Volar

DL Scott Muldoon

DL Jonathan Behrend

LB Matt Nunn

LB Ryan Ottens

LB Tyler Ridington

S Brad Vegera

S Pelle De Francesca

C Ryan Hassall

C Sam Meyers


P Michael Tedmanson

R Ian Naulty


COACH: Andrew Stevens

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Sebastian Burford





Gridiron SA 2018 Hall of Fame & All Star Dinner

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Join us February 10th, as we enshrine 14 new members into the Gridiron SA Hall of Fame.

This evening will also showcase the 2016 and 2017 season All Star Awards.

Collaborating with the award winning Rob Roy Hotel, the evening will be a feast for the senses. Enjoy a three course gourmet dinner, complimented by a comprehensive drinks package.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to be part of the Gridiron SA Hall of Fame history, and support your club nominees, as well as your state. Places are strictly limited.

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Great Southern Bowl runs overtime!

Hogs 14-7 Spartans


Team 1 2 3 4 OT T Outcome
Hogs 0 0 0 7 7 14 Win
Spartans 0 0 7 0 0 7 Loss

The Spartans came into the Great Southern Bowl undefeated, the Razorbacks limped into the game at 5 and 5, with many believing the prelim was won due to the Chiefs loss of Caputo in the first half. But bowl games are different, and experience counts. The hogs playing their 5th straight and the Spartans their first in over a decade.

The Spartans made mistake early, giving the Hogs a red zone position early in the first. Builder playing only his 5th game was off the mark and threw an interception inside the 10, bailing out the Spartans.

The remainder of the half was back and forth with multiple penalties, with neither offence being able to move the ball with any efficiency.

The Hogs lack of offense was somewhat expected, but the Spartans inability to throw the ball greatly assisted Adelaide University, as they essentially sold out to defend the run and dared the Spartans to pass. The Spartans have been the premier running team all season, destroying opponents with a punishing rushing attack, but today their one-dimensional attack was their undoing. The hogs dared them to throw and they were unable to answer the challenge.

The Spartans scored early after the major break, Ottens breaking through for the TD. But momentum never seemed to swing their way, their inability to capitalise on errors and leave the Hogs hanging around was pivotal, the Hogs experience meant they were never rattled.

As the 4th arrived, builder had the wind at his back and started to string together completions, eventually capitalizing with a rushing TD and the game was tied at 7. The Spartans continued to run at the Hogs D, never taking to the air. The Hogs had a chance to win the game in regular time, but the Spartans D held strong, again intercepting Builder with under two minutes to play.


The Spartans won the toss, and strangely elected to defend. The Hogs took advantage! Starting from the 25 the hogs quickly found themselves facing 4th and 6, Builder threw over the middle, converting by the smallest of margins. Shortly thereafter the Spartans jumped offside, giving Builder a free play, he wasted little time connecting with Olsson for the TD.

The Spartans now feeling the pressure of having to match the Hogs TD in order to force a second period of overtime. Continually unable to take advantage of the Hogs defensive structure with the pass, the Spartans ran into the teeth of a defence hell bent on stopping the run. Facing 4th and 1, the Hogs stuffed the Spartans winning their 5th straight Great Southern Bowl.


Razorbacks: Builder 1 rushing and 1 passing, Olsson 1 receiving.
Spartans: Ottens 1 rushing.


Battle of the backups

Hogs 32-18 Chiefs


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Hogs 0 7 7 18 32 Win
Chiefs 0 12 0 6 18 Loss

The 2017 prelim final was a rematch of the last Great Southern Bowl, would the Chiefs be able to improve on last year’s performance, payback for a 35-12 defeat? Not this season.

The Hogs and Chiefs traded blows early, neither team establishing any rhythm. The Hogs stuck to the run early and dividends were paid, Buckskin drawing first blood. The Chiefs responded promptly, Robbins running to pay dirt.

The next 2 minutes would decide the Chiefs season, as the hogs fumbled the kick return allowing Caputo to quickly connect with Benjamin to take the lead. A seemingly harmless hit from Vales knocking Caputo from the contest (Broken wrist not confirmed) ending their 2017 hopes.

Without Caputo, the Chiefs were unable to sustain drives, resulting in possession greatly favoring the Hogs. Olive came alive after the major break and continued to give the Hogs good field position, Harry capitalising to give the Hogs a lead they would never relinquish.

Crowding the line and pressuring backup QB Benjamin, Dawson returned a wayward pass for 6, icing the game. Builder hung tough and connected on some highlight plays late, but will need to be more controlled and accurate against a sharp Spartans defence.

All will be revealed next weekend as the Hogs look for 5 in a row and the Spartans look for their first bowl victory in over a decade. Riverside at 16:00.


RAZORBACKS: Builder 1 passing, Buckskin 2 rushing, Harry 1 rushing, Olive 1 receiving, Dawson INT for TD
CHIEFS: Caputo 1 passing, Benjamin 1 receiving & 1 passing, Robbins 1 rushing, Meyers 1 receiving


History repeats

Eagles 33 – 32 Hogs


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Eagles 6 13 7 7 33 Win
Hogs 6 12 7 7 32 Loss

For the second year in a row the Eagles have defeated the Hogs in their last game of the season. Since the loss of Welbourn the Hogs have struggled to find a consistent offensive attack, winning 1 from the last 6, finishing the season 5 and 5. How will this recent form effect the Hogs as they prepare to meet the Chiefs in the prelim this Saturday? Scoring and game reports currently unavailable.



Spartans 25 – 21 Chiefs


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Chiefs 7 8 6 0 21 Loss
Spartans 6 6 7 6 25 Win

The Spartans finish the season undefeated and look forward to a week of rest as the Razorbacks and Chiefs fight it out this week for the chance to meet the Spartans in the Great Southern Bowl. Scoring and game reports currently unavailable.


Spartans: Van Pamelen 1 passing & 1 rushing, Musallam 2 rushing, Reichstein 1 receiving
Chiefs: Caputo 2 passing, Benjamin 1 receiving, Thorpe 1 receiving, Robbins 1 rushing



Running on empty

Spartans 41 – 6 Oilers


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Oilers 6 0 0 0 6 Loss
Spartans 7 21 7 6 41 Win

The Oilers have run out of gas, as they were run over by the Spartans handily. The fantastic 3 game streak, a high point for a team whom have struggled the past 3 seasons, has ended.

The Spartans continued their rushing dominance, with Volar accounting for another 4 TD’s.

With a Great Southern Bowl berth guaranteed, the Spartans wade into unfamiliar waters (Not having played in a bowl game/GF in 10+ seasons) how will they approach the remaining games? Is now the time to rest players, considering the approaching bye? Is there a mental advantage beating a potential bowl opponent this week?

See you Riverside at 1pm to find out.


SPARTANS: Webb 1 passing, Volar 4 rushing, Martin 1 receiving.


Playing for pride

Chiefs 41 – 21 Eagles


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Eagles 0 7 0 14 21 Loss
Chiefs 13 7 14 7 41 Win

With the Chiefs already locked into the finals and the Eagles eliminated, would this game serve as a tune up for the Chiefs or a chance for the Eagles to evaluate players for season 18?

The Chiefs scored often and early, with both their starting and backup quarterbacks each accounting for 3 TD’s. Whilst Crummey struggled mightily, tossing 3 interceptions in the first half, effectively ending the contest before the major break. Crummey did pass for 3 TD’s on the day, but the contest out of reach.

The Chiefs will now face the Spartans, before meeting the Hogs in the prelim. The Eagles are left wondering, after swapping throughout the season who will be the all-important trigger man in 18? They have one more chance to find out as the face the Hogs 4pm Saturday.


CHIEFS: Caputo 2 passing, Benjamin 2 passing, Robbins 2 rushing, Bartlett 2 receiving, Riach 2 receiving.
EAGLES: Crummey 3 passing, Draper 3 receiving, Wyten 1 receiving.


Updated leaderboard

Updated statistics leaderboard

The Race for MVP is on with Volar and Vales seemingly pulling away. Volar leading the league in rushing (closing in on a 1000 yard season) and sacks, Vales second in receiving TD’s, leading QB’s pressures and at the pointy end of sacks, fumble recoveries and tackles.

As the Spartans, Chiefs and Hogs look toward the Great Southern Bowl it’s time to increase your fantasy stock lads.

Leaderboard Week 1-10 2018



3 on the trot

Oilers 26 – 16 Chiefs


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Chiefs 6 2 0 8 16 Loss
Oilers 12 14 0 0 26 Win

The Chiefs opened strong, scoring on their first possession, before Tedmanson and the Oilers got rolling. The Chiefs continued to turn the ball over at an alarming rate (five in the first half) and the Oilers continued to take advantage. Tedmanson connected with Eves twice, before Munce took an interception to the house.

Tedmanson ran another score in as time was running out in the second, giving the Oilers their highest score of the season.

Benjamin replace Caputo in the second half and managed to throw a TD late, resulting in an entertaining two point conversion.

The Chiefs fall to 4-4 and will look to peak at the right time in order to reach the Great Sothern Bowl.

The Oilers move to 2-6-1 and have not lost in three weeks, positive signs as they continue to build toward the 2018 season.


OILERS: Tedmanson 2 passing, 1 rushing, Eves 2 receiving, Munce INT for TD,
CHIEFS: Caputo 1 passing, Benjamin 1 passing, 1 receiving, Meyers XPNT return, Riach 1 receiving.