lucky 13

Spartans 14 v 10 Eagles



Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Spartans 0 14 0 0 14 Win
Eagles 0 0 7 3 10 Loss

The Spartans entered the final minus Webb, and question surrounding their ability to score points. The Eagles arrived on a high after defeating the resting Hogs, would they be able to take advantage of a depleted Spartans outfit?

They should have! The Eagles were gifted the game, the Spartans doing their best to lose the game, coughing up the football nine times! Nine! The Eagles were unable to take advantage, instead questionable (predictable) play-calling and poor of field decisions led to them giving up 14 points in the first half, after the two-minute warning. The teams combined for 13 turnover within the game.

The Spartans continued to turn over the ball in the second half, three straight possessions resulted in turnover, but their defence was stout. A fourth turnover was too much to take, as the Eagles made a house call via Van Pamelan on route to their first score of the afternoon.

The Eagles did rally late, but Gridiron SA MVP Long was largely ineffective, in a game where Crummy couldn’t string completions together. The coaches opting for a field goal late in the fourth when down by seven, a questionable decision considering the Spartans offense didn’t break 100 yards passing in the contest and were struggling to move the football.

The decision meant the Eagles were forced into a Hail Mary situation with no time left, Volar putting down Crummey to secure the Great Southern Bowl rematch.

Can the Spartans get their offence on track, and reduce turnovers (12 in the last two games)? Can the Hogs face the Spartans will a full squad, injuries preventing them from doing so this season.

Should be a cracker, Riverside at 3pm, Saturday 15th.


SPARTANS: Van Pamelan 1 passing. Formentera 1 receiving. Ridington INT TD.
EAGLES: #14 INT TD. Plowman FG.