4th and goal finals edition

It has been twenty-six games, 971 points and 98 days since the season started, which has led to two teams earning the right to square off for the prize of hoisting The Great Southern Bowl. Will it be a sixth-time in a row for the University of Adelaide Hogs with the impressive aerial attack, or will it be the more run-orientated Port Adelaide Spartans?

I saw my first Superbowl in 1990 and have watched live on TV ever since (except one year when I got a chance to see the game, and a power cut, up close and personal). The Superbowl features teams who have met only once, if at all, during the season; as such, the Superbowl often comes with few meetings with which to draw any conclusions about the quality of the game ahead.

The opposite is true for our dear Great Southern Bowl. A rematch of last year’s epic contest awaits. The Hogs have won the last four matchups with the three games this year won by margins of 1, 1 and 7 points. With so many close games in this matchup I do have a fear we’re overdue a blowout…. let us hope that’s not the case!

A couple of weeks ago, I expected the Spartans to make light work of the semi and so agreed to look after the kids on that day.  I started regretting that after the Eagles spoilt the Hogs perfect season. On the day of the semi-final, and with a close game, I ended up rushing north to see the final quarter (with the kids!). From what I saw and what I’ve read it was a defensive struggle with a multitude of turnovers. The Spartans were without QB David Webb, who they’ll want back for the final if he can recover from the injury caused by this jarring tackle.

I have put together some dashboards representing the scoring from this year’s games. I hope you like it and can use it to understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual teams and to see when individual players scored and then click on the link to watch that play.

Another project I have worked on are the summary videos for each team that has played its final game of the season. For each team you will be able to view a video of all their scoring plays by the type of play (e.g. Rushing, Receiving, etc..).There are also individual videos for every player who had a scoring play during this fantastic season. Videos for the Chiefs and Oilers are available on Gridiron SA’s YouTube page and the Eagles, Hogs and Spartans will be added soon.

I encourage all teams to utilise these videos on their social media pages. For any sadomasochistic coaches and players out there, I have available videos combining all the plays showing how you conceded.

The All-starts were announced during the week with an even spread of Hogs, Spartans and Eagles.  Big congratulations go to Jaden Valles who managed to be a two-way all-star.  Our league MVP is Joshua Long who you can see pounding the rock in this highlight video (link, if uploaded).  Long was also named Offensive Player of the Year with teammate Benjamin Taylor the rookie of the year.  Pick-machine Brad Vegera made the team of the year at safety and was Defensive Player of the Year after a stellar campaign.  The competitiveness of the Oilers during 2018 won Steve Rudd Coach of the Year.  Well done, everyone!

The final 4th and Goal of the year coming soon, recapping the Bowl game and celebrating with the winners and commiserating the losers.