High flying

Eagles 36 v 13 Chiefs


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Eagles 0 20 7 9 36 Win
Chiefs 0 0 6 7 13 Loss

The Chiefs found a little rhythm last week, pushing the Hogs for 3 quarters, would they be able to secure their second win of the season against the winless (but improving) Eagles?

Not this time. The Eagles continually harassed Benjamin, never allowing the Chiefs to gain momentum, as they added to the scoreboard, via an improved rushing attack.

The Chiefs have a tough road ahead, can they regroup during the off week and start to generate scoreboard pressure (averaging 13 points per game)?

The Eagles appear to be headed in the right direction, pushing the Spartans and Oilers to the wire, losing each game by one point, before dropping the hammer on the Chiefs. Can they get on up on the Oilers and move into third place?

Riverside at 1pm to find out.


EAGLES: Crummy 1 passing. Long 1 receiving, 1 return. Burford 1 rushing. Ionko 1 rushing. Seve 1 rushing. Plowman 1 FG.
CHIEFS: Benjamin 1 passing. Thorpe 1 receiving. Henshaw INT return TD.