Chiefs light up the oil




Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Oilers 0 6 6 6 18 Loss
Chiefs 12 6 6 14 38 Win

Benjamin returned at QB for the Chiefs after missing the first 3 games, managing the game well and avoiding crucial mistakes as his team took advantages of Oilers errors.

Playing without Tedmanson and undermanned, the Oilers fought well but were undone via inexperience, as the Chiefs scored twice defensively and via special teams. Smith filled in well in relief of Tedmanson, with 2 scores, but the team effort of the Chiefs proved unbeatable.

A well rounded game from the Chiefs, scoring in all three phases and chalking up their first victory of the season.


CHIEFS: Benjamin 1 passing. Meyers 1 receiving, 1 INT for TD. Kelly 1 receiving, 1 kick return TD. Edwards 1 rushing. #18 fumble recovery TD.
OILERS: Smith 2 passing, 1 rushing. Schibani 2 receiving.