Welcome to another 4th and Goal.  I’ve learnt from the NFL to use ‘personal reasons’ as an excuse for everything (e.g. Josh Gordon’s pre-season MIA in Cleveland as well as Antonio Brown and Earl Thomas’ missing practice this week), so if you want to know why there wasn’t a 4th and Goal last week, it was clearly due to personal reasons.

We’re six games in to our season and we have two winless and three undefeated teams. That will all change as the next game (Week 4) is between two unbeaten teams and the first game in Week 5 will see the winless squaring off.



This week we’re looking at the first Power Rankings, based on the six games we’ve witnessed, some in person, some on highlight videos and some through Facebook updates:

  1. Spartans (2-0) – We’re going to go with the Spartans as the number one team, as their defense has been playing great so far this season (averaging four points allowed), and their offense has done enough to knockout the Eagles and Chiefs.
  2. Hogs (2-0) – The league’s best offense, three QBs with Touchdowns in the 61 points against the Chiefs, are they the league’s best team? We’ll find out soon enough; their defense has allowed 27 points to the same opponents as the Spartans.
  3. Oilers (2-0) – Narrow 14-13 over Eagles puts them in this spot now.  Since mid-October 2017 the Oilers are 4-0-1 in games against the Hogs, Eagles and Chiefs and 0-2 against the Spartans.
  4. Eagles (0-3) – The Eagles and Chiefs both had narrow defeats to the Oilers and will face off in Week 5 against each other.  The Eagles are in our fourth spot now as they have played hard in every game and their offense and defense both appear ahead of the Chiefs.
  5. Chiefs (0-3) – It was always going to be a challenging start for the Chiefs with plenty new fresh faces needing to gel.  The task has become harder with the injuries they have had.  Whilst the short-term looks challenging, I expect the Chiefs to play their best ball late in the season and to take a scalp or two



I’ve been very impressed by the social media updates teams provide, both in promoting the games and in representing their clubs.  A few highlights I have seen:

Adelaide University Hogs took us inside the dressing room (LANGUAGE WARNING!!!)

UniSA Eagles – Young fan does coin-toss

Souths City Chiefs – Great photography of their games on their Facebook page

Port Adelaide Spartans – Championing women’s gridiron in SA

Southern Districts Oilers  – Glamour photos of recovery sessions (NSFW) 

….and lots of good ‘ol fashion banter about educating each other on what ‘holding’ is.

Also be aware that teams are beginning pre-season activity for Junior players so please think of any kids you know that would be interested in playing!



The big one is coming up this weekend, not Eagles v Magpies, it’s the Hogs v Spartans, the league’s top 2 teams go head-to-head for the first time since last year’s epic grand final.  There are so many matchups I am looking forward to seeing!  The Gridiron SA preview for the game will be available on Thursday night to whet your appetite for the big clash.  I’d remind you it’s this Friday (28th) at 7pm at Port Adelaide Rugby Club but I know you’ve already added it to your calendars.  See you there!!

Finally, I wish to say how glad I am to hear that youngster Kurtis Bolton’s surgery appeared to go well after his severe injury last week.  The Chiefs run-stuffer out of Maine will need plenty of rest so I hope he gets to see plenty of NFL and college football during his rehabilitation. And, as we’re going to press good luck to Jarrod Shiels (Oilers) who is having surgery on his leg after yesterday’s injury.