Battle of the backups

Hogs 32-18 Chiefs


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Hogs 0 7 7 18 32 Win
Chiefs 0 12 0 6 18 Loss

The 2017 prelim final was a rematch of the last Great Southern Bowl, would the Chiefs be able to improve on last year’s performance, payback for a 35-12 defeat? Not this season.

The Hogs and Chiefs traded blows early, neither team establishing any rhythm. The Hogs stuck to the run early and dividends were paid, Buckskin drawing first blood. The Chiefs responded promptly, Robbins running to pay dirt.

The next 2 minutes would decide the Chiefs season, as the hogs fumbled the kick return allowing Caputo to quickly connect with Benjamin to take the lead. A seemingly harmless hit from Vales knocking Caputo from the contest (Broken wrist not confirmed) ending their 2017 hopes.

Without Caputo, the Chiefs were unable to sustain drives, resulting in possession greatly favoring the Hogs. Olive came alive after the major break and continued to give the Hogs good field position, Harry capitalising to give the Hogs a lead they would never relinquish.

Crowding the line and pressuring backup QB Benjamin, Dawson returned a wayward pass for 6, icing the game. Builder hung tough and connected on some highlight plays late, but will need to be more controlled and accurate against a sharp Spartans defence.

All will be revealed next weekend as the Hogs look for 5 in a row and the Spartans look for their first bowl victory in over a decade. Riverside at 16:00.


RAZORBACKS: Builder 1 passing, Buckskin 2 rushing, Harry 1 rushing, Olive 1 receiving, Dawson INT for TD
CHIEFS: Caputo 1 passing, Benjamin 1 receiving & 1 passing, Robbins 1 rushing, Meyers 1 receiving