Adelaide loses with the win

Hogs 18 – 0 Oilers


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Oilers 0 0 0 0 0 Loss
Hogs 12 0 0 6 18 Win

Adelaide University entered week 5 unbeaten, with the Oilers looking for their first win of 2017. While Adelaide won the match, it will be a defining game regarding the 2017 season outcome.

The Hogs started strong, with rookie Thresher scoring on debut, as Adelaide looks to develop the back rotation as the season progresses. This was quickly followed by a Welbourn to Olive TD, Olive scoring his first TD of 2017 after his rookie season was cut short by injury (Tied for second in TD’s playing in only 5 games 2016). Strong signs for the Hogs, with Dawson and Pedler still set to return from injury, both starters last season.

The match tightened in the second and third, as both defenses tightened, the oilers moving the ball well via the deep pass but undone by turnovers, Tedmanson with 3 INT’s on the day. Steady growth shown in the deep pass from the Oilers, but will require more consistency from Tedmanson in tight games to secure the wins.

The fourth was costly for Adelaide and Welbourn was injured via the blitz (offside, defensive penalty). Post-game scans revealed season ending surgery, how will Adelaide fill the position? Welbourn hasn’t missed a start in 6+ seasons and started the 2017 campaign with 10TD’s and zero turnovers. Lawrence filled in admirably, connecting with Valles for the game sealing TD, but will be called upon to continually produce throughout the remainder of the season.

With arguably the league’s best weapons at their disposal, are Adelaide coaches up to the task, can they develop an effective attack? We’ll find out the weekend as the Hogs face the Spartans.


RAZORBACKS: Welbourn 1 passing, Lawrence 1 passing, Olive 1 receiving, Thrasher 1 rushing, Valles 1 receiving.