Eagles for the W

Eagles 31 – 6 Oilers


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Eagles 7 3 7 13 31 Win
Oilers 0 0 6 0 6 Loss

The Eagles and Oilers both headed into week 0-2, the big question being which team would rebound from the week prior (Eagles 51-0 defeat, and the Oilers losing 32-6)?

The game remained close throughout the first half with both teams unable to take advantage of excellent field position (via turnover), before Naulty opened the scoring for UniSA, score 10-0 at the major break.

Under constant pressure throughout (the season) Tedmanson was magical on the Oilers lone TD, scrambling to avoid a certain sack before launching a 60yd score.

The remainder of the game was all UniSA as Crummey connected with Draper twice in garbage time to ice the game. Both teams have a week off, will the Oilers find a way to protect Tedmanson during the break?


EAGLES: Crummey 2 passing. Draper 2 receiving. Naulty 2 rushing. Plowman FG.
OILERS: Tedmanson 1 passing. Eves 1 receiving.