Purple reign

Eagles 46 – 28 Oilers 


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Eagles 0 14 19 13 46 Win
Oilers 0 6 14 8 28 Loss

The Eagles not only need to win, but it’s a possibility they need to accumulate points to ensure they win the possible looming tie breaker with the Spartans. Their Offence answered the call, but will the 28 points against come back to haunt them?

The Oilers opened strong behind the steadily improving Tedmanson, but failed to capitalise on early redzone entries, giving UniSA a slight advantage heading into the half.

The Wyten led Eagles scored often and early in the third, before a spirited comeback effort from the Oilers. Tedmanson accounted for 4 scores, but the Eagles huge third quarter proved too difficult for the Oilers to overcome.


EAGLES: Wyten 2 passing,1 rushing. Crummey 1 passing. Naulty 3 rushing. Draper 1 receiving. McEntee 1 receiving. Gavros 1 receiving.
OILERS: Tedmanson 3 passing, 1 rushing. Smith 1 receiving. Caire 1 receiving. Eves 1 receiving.