Chiefs beat them black

Chiefs 40 – 16 UniSA


Team 1 2 3 4 T Outcome
Chiefs 0 8 8 24 40 Win
Eagles 0 2 0 14 16 Loss

After a promising start from both offences, the Chiefs found an extra gear, Meyers. Meyers gained 181 yards on three TD catches, although the stat line doesn’t highlight his individual effort on each play, as each reception was in the air no more than 10 yards. His run after the catch effort was sublime.

The rain dropped with the frequency of Chiefs scores against an undermanned and lacklustre Eagles squad. With only 2 games remaining the Eagles need to win out and hope for a Spartan slip to ensure a finals birth after dropping to 4th place.


CHIEFS: Caputo 4 passing. Meyers 3 receiving. Bartlett 1 receiving.
EAGLES: Wyten 1 passing. Safety. Naulty kick return TD